A bobcat was spotted a bit too close to home in the Redlands area of Grand Junction. Here's what Facebook has to say about it.

There have been numerous reports of a bobcat in the Redlands area of Grand Junction. This video above shows a man recording a bobcat walking from behind a building right along the road. The bobcat simply walks out, looks at the person recording, and continues along his way.

This doesn't seem to be the first time a bobcat has been spotted in this area. Patricia posted this in the Mesa County Lost and Found Pets group on Facebook.

Just wanted to send a heads up to fur baby owners in The Redlands area. I just had a huge bobcat jump my backyard fence, meander through my back yard and jump the back fence. Thankfully my Yorkies had just come in and I was able to contain my babies because they were going to chase that nasty cat out of their yard. Lol. They have no concept of how small they are.

Good thing the pups with little dog syndrome are safe! This particular instance happened in the Canyon View subdivision behind Windgate Elementary near Cayon View Drive and S. Camp Road. It's not Kimberly's first time seeing bobcats in her front yard.

Michelle has also spotted a bobcat...in her parents' driveway. "Here kitty kitty!," were among the most popular comments and "beautiful, they're so pretty." People were also concerned for the animal's safety. Here's how Lorri feels about the spotting:

Beautiful hope it gets back in the hills and doesn't hurt any critters then has to be put down

And this is how Kevin feels:

Gotta love humans encroaching on mother natures habitats. Here kitty kitty. Lol

This is just another reminder of how beautiful and wild Colorado is. Although we share the land, it was the bobcat's space in the first place. Since there have been multiple reports of bobcats, remember to keep your distance and watch your pets.

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