You know it’s going to snow, you prepare yourself for it to snow, and then it snows. Too soon. Take a look at Estes Park on October 12, with blizzard-like conditions on Moraine.

The recent storm brought a lot of wind, some rain, some hail, and thunderstorms to the Fort Collins area, but we got off lucky compared to other parts of the state.

I stopped at Wal Mart in Loveland the other day to pick up fresh wiper blades and windshield washer fluid; I intend to install the wipers and fill the washer fluid reservoir soon as I prepare for the inevitable. I really should do it immediately if this video out of Estes is any indication.

It just looks like it is coming down up there. At least we don’t see anyone wearing shorts; it always bugs me when I see that, ‘put some clothes on!’ I yell at nobody. Estes Park has seen up to 4.9” of snow in October, but the average is about 2’.  As many people were commenting on Estes Park News' video:

Estes is especially beautiful when it's snowing..

There’s a gentleman on the corner waiting to cross the street, he looks like he's wishing that, though he did put on a jacket, he wished that he’d grabbed some gloves.

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The forecast for Estes Park is calling for more snow on Wednesday and Thursday, but the system will move out by Friday with highs in the 50s to the 60s for the weekend. A buddy of mine and I had talked about maybe doing some disc golf in Estes this weekend; ‘maybe.’

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