Can you and your friend's get out in 60 minutes? This new Grand Junction adventure tests your skills in what is called the Epic Escape Game.

You and your friends have 60 minutes to escape out of a locked room; see if you can solve the puzzles and find the clues to make it out within the hour. There are three rooms to choose from, with a fourth being added soon.

The Hunted: Difficulty level is moderate to challenging with a 39% success rate so far. The story behind this room is you're caught in a fierce storm while hunting and seek shelter in an empty cabin. Once inside, the door slams shut and locks and you have the hour to escape the cabin.

The Missing Manuscript: This has a 67% success rate with an easy to moderate difficulty level. A famous author passed away before she could give her latest manuscript to her publisher and the challenge in this room is to find the manuscript and get it to the publisher before the hour deadline is up.

The Watchman's Chambers: This has a low 22% success rate and is moderate to challenging. A jealous apprentice, The Watchman, stole an hourglass that controls time throughout the world and in this room you have an hour to find the hourglass in The Watchman's chambers before he returns,

The Abandoned Mine: This room is coming soon. It revolves around a team of scientists (you and your friends) who have gone to an abandoned mine to study radiation emissions, but the mine door slams shut and you find yourself locked beneath the earth. Like all the others, you have one hour to escape before the mine collapses.

What friends would you want on your team to escape these rooms?