What's the cool Christmas thing this year? It is not a toy that your child can play with, it is a little tiny elf! 

Seems that everyone is playing with elves this year! Elf on the Shelf has been around since 2005 and in 2011 the elf craze really started to take off! Basically it's one of Santa's elves sent to watch over boys and girls. Kids get to name them when they first arrive.

Kids love the Elf on the Shelf! Each night when the elf comes back he or she is in a different place and sometimes will be doing bad things or super funny things!

My son Brody wakes up every moring looking for his elf Dino! It is such a blast to go looking around the house for the little guy! He has been in some pretty funny places doing some nice and nughty things! Take a look at some of the pictures what our elf named Dino has done!

Roxi Pix

It is chilly in freezer! Dino made a snowman?

Roxi Pix

Lucky Charms box just got lucky with Dino our elf in it!

Roxi Pix

This Wii little elf was busy playing!

Roxi Pix

Lego team captured the Elf!

Facaebook/Amy Deschamp

Time for a tea party!

Facebook/Amy Deschamp

Potty up the Christmas tree! This elf, Chippy, was being naughty!

Do you have an Elf on a Shelf? If so, share your picture with us!