Ed Sheeran puts his spin on a decades-old blues song by legendary soul singer Nina Simone in a new live video where he performs Simone’s ‘Be My Husband.’

The clip was filmed in Chicago for The Live Room on Warner Sound series. Sheeran’s rendition of ‘Be My Husband’ is similar to the cover version once performed by one of his idols, Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice. Like Rice, Sheeran uses foot pedals to loop vocal and guitar parts to provide the backing music.

“Been a while since I’ve done this,” he warns before starting, but the disclaimer is unnecessary. Sheeran brings his heart and soul to pretty much every performance and this one is no exception. As he sings into the bright-orange microphone that matches his hair, he doesn’t bother to swap the gender roles in the lyrics, “Be my husband and I’ll be your wife / Oh daddy, now now love me good.”

‘Be My Husband’ first appeared on Simone’s 1965 album ‘Pastel Blues.’ The song was written by the late singer’s manager and husband, Andy Stroud.

Sheeran has been known to perform unlikely covers from time to time. Last month, he played an acoustic version of Ginuwine’s ’90s R&B thumper ‘Pony.’ Since the release of his debut album ‘+,’ which reached No. 5 in the U.S., Sheeran has spent time writing songs with Taylor Swift.

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