Adam Kalk is a sophomore with Down Syndrome at Durango High School. Adam's dance moves at his school's talent show have gone viral, watch him whip, then nae nae.

Adam Kalk performed at Durango High School's talent show this past Friday with the girl's varsity basketball time and crushed his performance. One of the employees at the high school took a video of Adam's performance and the video has gone viral.

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Bryan Kalk, Adam's dad, says that his son has never taken any dance classes or had formal training but music has been an outlet for him since he was 5-years-old, according to the Durango Herald.

Adam has taught himself how to dance by watching music videos online and imitating what he sees. Watch the video of his performance below and you'll see how Adam straight up crushes it. He whips, then nae naes and slays that Superman dance move.

We love how the girl's varsity basketball team came out altogether with Adam and is smiling and cheering him on throughout the whole performance. Adam's dad says he's been so excited to share stories like this one about his performance with his classmates.

The video has been posted on both Facebook and YouTube and is getting shared like crazy. The Facebook video alone has over 600,000 views.

This video put a huge smile on our face and is especially a big deal because Adam is nonverbal. Music is a great outlet and way for Adam to express himself and we hope that he keeps on dancing because slayed that performance.

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