This story is getting a lot of attention across the country as most people know that using hand sanitizer is great for killing germs but shouldn't be ingested. But unfortunately, there was a group of people in New Mexico that didn't know this. KRQE is reporting that three people have died after drinking hand sanitizer. Three other people who also drank the hand sanitizer are in critical condition, and a seventh person to consume the liquid is now blind due to methanol poisoning from the hand sanitizer.

There are lots of people that are laughing about this situation online and sharing the story because it seems so absurd that someone would drink hand sanitizer but this is exactly why you need to be very careful with any information you read (especially online). With the COVID-19 pandemic still active people are taking extra precautions to stay safe and sanitary but drinking hand sanitizer can be very dangerous if consumed.

Health officials across the country agree that if you have consumed hand sanitizer you need to see medical attention immediately because many non-commercially produced hand sanitizers may contain methanol which could poison you.

It's also not clear if the individuals who did consume the hand sanitizer were trying to use the product to substitute for alcohol. This is very serious and if others consume hand sanitizer it could lead to serious health problems all the way up to death. Please don't ever consume hand sanitizer, and remember to share this important message with any kids in your life.

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