Dr. Evil, AKA a special guest appearance from Mike Myers, interrupts Sam Smith's Christmas special on SNL to address North Korea and Sony Pictures directly about the hack.

With the North Korea cyber hack of Sony Pictures making the headlines recently, Saturday Night Live summoned Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) to address the issue during the shows open.

Bringing in Mike Myers to play Dr. Evil addressing this issue was genius and I really enjoyed it. However, I really wanted to see more of 'A Very Somber Christmas With Sam Smith'. Why did Taran Killam look exactly like Sam Smith? As disappointed as I was to not see more of that, SNL made up for it by giving me my laughs via Dr. Evil.

Guest appearances on SNL always seem to be a good idea. It's a nice surprise to throw into the mix, especially an appearance from an ex-cast member. How do you think Dr. Evil handled the North Korea & Sony Pictures conflict?

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