I heard there was a new hot spot in Downtown Grand Junction, calling themselves “The Local”. Their slogan, “Living Local”, So I went to see them, and talk with the owners, to see just how local this business really is.

When businesses say things like, “we keep it local”, I always wonder how much they really do keep things local. Usually, they have a few local products and vendors and they push it like they invented the term. When I checked out The Local, I asked them just how many of their vendors were local. One of the owners sat down and explained every local vendor they actually use. It turns out, almost all of their vendors are local, or at least regional, even down to the hot sauce and jelly.

I noticed artwork on the walls and asked them about the artwork. You guessed it, all local artists. The entertainment booked that weekend? Local Musicians. The beer on tap? Colorado Craft Beer. Colorado Wine, Colorado Distills, do I need to go on?

I have since been back several times, and in my opinion the food and drink at The Local was great, and easily competes with any other local favorite. I’m a huge supporter of businesses that keep it local, and in my opinion, they are living up to the name “The Local”. I really think that we have needed a place like this in Grand Junction, for awhile.