As more and more people install doorbell cameras, we are getting a clearer picture of how wildlife in Colorado move around at night.

The area, near Chatfield State Park, is a popular place for mountain lions due to the high concentration of deer in that area. And, since deer is on the menu for mountain lions and other wildlife, they go where the food is.

Since April 1, Colorado Parks and WIldlife have received over 600 calls about mountain lions being in the area. Over that same period, residents reported more than 5.100 bears seen as well.

As there have been more than a few attacks this year, having the technology at your doorstep can save your life. IN years past, without the technology, you could walk right outside your door and get attacked, all because you never knew there was a threat.

And, as the technology becomes more prevalent, we may see fewer attacks, as authorities will have a clearer picture of where these animals are.

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