The one thing about living in the Grand Valley is our ability to take in tons of outdoor activities. This one kicks it up a notch. 

There is a 5K on the way that not only is fun for all ages, it also gives you a chance to get filthy dirty at the same time.

The Gauntlet is one of the most original 5Ks in the Valley. Designed for athletes, from insane to beginners. Mud, muck, and fun all wrapped up into one great event.

This year, the Gauntlet will be held at Grand Junction Motor Speedway, Saturday, May, 7th. Registration opens at 7 am / Race begins at 9 am - Heats follow every 20 minutes. 

So get into your gear, and get ready for the battle of a lifetime! Don't be afraid, it's only a little mud, right?

egistration party: May 6, 2016 @ Caprock Academy from 5 PM to 7 PM 

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