Ever since a bond was passed in 2017, District 51 has been making some major upgrades. A high school near Grand Junction is getting majorly updated and upgraded.

Tope Elementary School, Orchard Mesa Middle School, and Palisade High School are a few of the District 51 schools that have received makeovers -- aka some type of major repair work/upgrade.

Fruita Monument High School is District 51's next makeover. According to Mesa County Valley School District 51's Facebook, Fruita Monument High School is currently getting these upgrades:

  • Roofing replacement
  • Installing sprinklers
  • Refinishing parking lot
  • Installing walkways
  • Moving administrative office
  • Installing new, safer entrance

The D51 School Board will be voting on Monday to upgrade Central High School, Fruita Monument High School, Grand Junction High School, and Palisade High School. Upgrades include everything from connecting buildings, adding fire sprinklers and building a whole new Grand Junction High School.

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