District 51 in Mesa County has increased their security beginning this school year. This is how District 51 has changed their security measures.

Mesa Country's District 51 is beginning the school year by upping their security. Here are some of the changes that the school district has made:

  • Key locks - some provide temporary access or 24/7 access
  • Single point of entry after school begins - doors must be unlocked after school starts
  • Electronic security - all doors can be locked with a touch of a button
  • Doubling the police presence - District 51 will now have eight officers

Teachers will receive training about District 51's increased security, according to Western Slope Now.

With the new security system, District 51 can lock all of the schools' doors within 30 seconds states Eric Nielsen from the school district.

District 51 added the security features to make students and parents feel more comfortable, according to Western Slope Now.

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