The Dillon Ice Castle in Colorado is suit for royalness. It's time to live like the king/queen you are, it's time to slide your way into the Dillon Ice Castle.

Start your year off with something just as cold as your heart, but suit for your royallness -- the Dillon Ice Castle. This ice cold castle is in Dillon, Colorado, which is less than 15 miles from Breckenridge. The Dillon Ice Castle is a literal Winter Wonderland.

The entire castle is illuminated and feels like you're walking into an Ice Queen's magical kingdom. That Ice Queen (or King) is you. Sit upon your ice throne in the Dillon Ice Castle and watch the fire show. All that fire breathing, fire spinning, fire hula hooping will surely warm that ice hold heart of yours.

The Dillon Ice Castle is open through the first week of February, weather permitting, of course. If the fire shows aren't enough to break the ice on your heart, you can slide your way into happiness on the ice slide. My first stop at the Dillon Ice Castle will definitely be the ice slide.

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