Located a short distance from E-470, Aurora Reservoir is a 31,650-acre lake that provides drinking water to the city of Aurora. Aurora Reservoir was filled in 1990 and has also been used for recreation since its creation.

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The reservoir is particularly popular among scuba divers for one attraction: A sunken plane. A Cessna 310 place sits at the bottom of the Aurora Reservoir. The airplane did not crash into the lake, it was deliberately placed there in 1994 as a diving attraction, according to Wikipedia. The Cessna 310 has four to six seats and twin engines and was produced between 1954 and 1980. The Cessna 310 is located in the northeastern corner of the lake and is 30 feet below the surface.

Check out the video of the sunken plane located at Aurora Reservoir:

Aurora Reservoir has become a popular spot for Colorado scuba centers to take students to training for open-water certification. According to Denver Divers, to be certified for open water diving, a 16-hour class and approximately $375 plus tax can earn you your certification.

If you found this as fascinating as I did, check out the dive videos of what is at the bottom of Carter Lake and Horsetooth Reservoir in Northern Colorado HERE.

Source: Youtube - Wikipedia 

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