I have been alive for thirty-three years and I have never known what today actually is. Did you know that today is National Gingerbread House Day?

Being a favorite food of an Armenian Monk gingerbread was brought to Europe and taught to the Christians on how to bake it.

The actual house part wasn't really a thing until the Brothers Grimm introduced in Hansel and Gretel. am forever grateful for the brothers introducing the gingerbread house to the world.

To observe this day I will be going to the store and getting a lot of frosting because the girls and I are going to go big. Now, tell me, whats bigger than a gingerbread house? A gingerbread mansion!

If I am successful in the construction of this epic mansion I will be making sure to show you the development process.

Do you have a gingerbread house that you are pretty proud of? Show it off in the comments!

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