It would be too easy to say this woman doesn't know how to play Wheel of Fortune.

A woman named Nura raised plenty of eyebrows this week when she guessed the letters "Z" and "X," as well as not guessing any letter at all during the final puzzle before the bonus round, momentarily inducting her into the pantheon of bad players on the show.

Nura is a veteran who was competing against other veteran during the show's themed Veterans Week, leading some to speculate she intentionally threw the puzzle to let one of the other contestants win some money, although there were plenty of people confused by her strategy:

Adding some credence to the theory Nura wanted someone else to win some cash is she was the show's big winner, so it isn't like she played horrendously throughout the entire episode.

When host Pat Sajak asked why she chose such unconventional letters, Nura responded, "That’s what I saw!"

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