The newest additions at the Denver Zoo are two red panda cubs. Watch the panda cubs get weighed, fed and make the cutest sounds ever.

That sound isn't some kind of rodent or a chew toy, its the sound of Denver Zoo's newest additions. Two red male panda cubs were born on August 27th.

The red panda brothers have been quietly spending time behind the scenes with Faith, their mom from Trevor Park Zoo in New York, in a nest box according to the Denver Zoo. This is mama Faith's second litter at the Denver Zoo with another red panda from the Toronto Zoo, Hamlet.

The red panda cubs are a couple days over a month old and growing super fast and feisty! Keepers say they're doing well and currently weigh in at a little over just a pound, a whole pound.

These guys are adorable and I can't wait to go visit them at the Denver Zoo. At this rate, they should be ready to meet me (and the rest of the world) and at least a few pounds by the time I see them.

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