Airports always have a few different things for you to choose from during your layovers. They usually include places to eat, places to shop and places to sleep. Your next trip through DIA could be spent doing something entirely different - ice skating.

The Denver International Airport is bringing back their free ice skating rink. They're currently hard at work right now to bring the ice skating rink back to its usual icy self. The rink is set to open on November 23.

This is the rink's third year being iced out. The free ice skating rink at the Denver International Airport Plaza is open from:

  • November 23 - January 6th

According to their website, they may have special performances and appearances too. See more on the ice skating rink here.

The opening date for the ice skating rink is not what I thought it'd be. I'm surprised the rink won't be done before Thanksgiving. DIA is expecting over 780,000 passengers to fly through the day before Thanksgiving.

I'm flying through DIA for Christmas and I'm definitely ice skating my layover away.

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