Hot Chicken in Colorado isn't near as famous here as it is in Nashville. However, this local Colorado restaurant makes you feel like you've just jumped on a plane to Nashville. WOW.

The Best Hot Chicken In Colorado

If you've ever eaten real authentic hot chicken, especially in Nashville, you know how hard it can be to replicate. It's like my sister trying to find decent Mexican food and green chili in Florida after leaving Colorado. Some states just have certain things that they make that are hard to replicate in other places. Be it Colorado's high altitude or other various factors, it's hard to re-create that same specialty sometimes. I've spoken with some friends who very highly recommend this local Colorado restaurant if you're needing to get your hot Nashville chicken fix.

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Lou's Food Bar In Denver, Colorado

If you love chicken, and you live in Colorado, you might want to add Lou's Food Bar to your list of must-try local restaurants. Just look at some of these delicious dishes they're cooking up.

This chicken sandwich and creamy homemade mac & cheese are one of the main dishes and sides I've been hearing wonders about.

I have no idea what rooster sauce is but I've gotta try it...

Maybe you need something for the whole family? Lou's got you.

Look how crispy and delicious that chicken looks. I'm so hungry now.

Love chicken but wants something more savory and not hot? The bacon bbq chicken sandwich could be just what you need.

Lou's is located in Denver in the Capitol Hill area and the chicken is the creation of Chef Frank Bonanno. Next time you're in the Denver area, you might want to look this place up, but order extra water.

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