Demi Lovato committed an oopsie when performing her new single 'Heart Attack' on 'Good Morning America' today (April 10), flubbing the lyrics. She messed up some of the lyrics on the first verse, tripping over herself. But she rebounded quickly. It sounds like she just got a little tongue-tied.

The flub takes place at around 2:57. An amateur performer would have gotten flustered by the minor mistake or had a mini 'Heart Attack,' but this Demi Lovato we're talking about. She is a consumate pro and she was able to move on and finish the song as is. Nice work, Demi! Nobody's perfect. It's just that everyone's gabbing about it since it happened on national breakfast TV.

Before she performed, Lovato talked about her incredible fans aka Lovatics, who help propel her to success. With her hectic itinerary as a singer and 'X Factor' judge, Lovato keeps things in check by making sure she schedules a lot of days off and keeps people around her who are not afraid to say "Hey, you're getting crabby, like, you need to chill."

Lovato stays in shape physically by working out, but also does a lot of meditation to keep herself mentally on point. She also makes sure she talks to the people around her a lot to stay on the up and up.

No wonder she is doing so well!

Lovato also performed her previous No. 1 hit 'Give Your Heart a Break.'

Watch Demi Lovato Perform 'Give Your Heart a Break' on 'GMA'

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