Back in October, Fall Out Boy wisely recruited Demi Lovato to inject some sass into "Irresistible" from their American Beauty/American Psycho album. The revamped track arrived by way of an adorable video starring internet celebrity Doug the Pug and other costumed canines in a kinda-sorta reenactment of the original video — and our only quibble was over the absence of Demi herself (though she is a dog lover, so you know, it all connects). Now, months later, a new clip has arrived to set things right...and it's insane. Happy New Year to us all!

Ex *NSYNC members Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone join Demi as toy factory employees who produce a creepy, creepy set of Fall Out Boy toys. "It's Gonna Be Me" reference, anyone?

Watch the brain-melting clip above, and refresh your memory of the original that inspired it below. Never forget Justin Timberlake's tight, tight curls.

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