A deaf Colorado man is suing many people and organizations after being shot with a taser by police.

The man, Brady Mistic, was allegedly shot with a taser by police in Colorado close to two years ago in September of 2019. The story goes that Mistic was running errands in Clear Creek County, Colorado when he ran a stop sign and was stopped by police.

He was then allegedly asked by police to exit his vehicle, which reports show that he did, but because he is deaf, did not return to his car as demanded by the officers afterward. It has also been said that prior to his tasing, the arresting officers shined a light into his face which disoriented the deaf man.

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It has been said that the officers did not know that he was deaf which they are using as a defense for what happened next.

Because Mistic did not return to his vehicle as instructed by the officers, he was shot by a taser and subsequently taken to jail where he spent the next four months.

In the process of being arrested, Mistic was also allegedly thrown to the ground by the officers, a situation that resulted in his head hitting the concrete with great force.

Now, Mistic is suing not only the police that were involved in the arrest, but also the Clear Creek County Board of Commissioners, and the City of Idaho Springs.

The case will be addressed again on November 4th, 2021, when the next filings are due.


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