I’m on the fence about Deadpool as a movie. On the one hand, I like the irreverent tone and how it mostly seems to be sending up all the cliches we’ve become used to in modern superhero movies. On the other, I could see this potentially getting annoying and grating over the course of an entire movie. But, one thing I think we can universally agree on is that the marketing so far has been brilliant. Latest case in point? This Los Angeles billboard which uses emoji in the dumbest and most immature way. And it’s fantastic.

Take a look at the outdoor art below, as posted to Twitter by comedian Patton Oswalt.

What can I say? That’s just a great billboard, in part because you can imagine people, who have no idea who Deadpool is, trying to sound this out as they drive by. This comes on the heels of another great billboard, this one imaging the movie as a typical February rom-com.

Who knows if the movie can live up to these stupid expectations, but I’m just glad we have this much from a Deadpool movie that no one ever thought would happen.