Oh Lord, Lorde. When will you learn to not diss those more famous and longstanding than you are?

The 17-year-old New Zealand native called David Guetta "gross" in front of press when her management team asked her if she'd like to work with him ... and he fired back beautifully.

Lorde's exact quote when asked if she wanted to collaborate with the EDM megastar? "No. F–k no. He’s so gross."

But the French DJ was completely unfazed by her seemingly bratty insult. When the Huffington Post caught up with Guetta and asked him about the 'Royals' singer's refusal to work with him, the good-natured uberproducer responded simply -- but not without some subtle shade.

"I didn't ask her," he revealed. "I think my record company did, and, I mean, I don't really have any comment."

Sorry, Lorde. Looks like just because Diplo likes you, it doesn't mean everyone's clamoring to collaborate. (Interestingly, Diplo also infamously worked with Azealia Banks, who's no stranger to smack talk herself.) Here's hoping she learns a thing or two about tact from Guetta, because we want Lorde to stick around for a while!

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