Joey Gladstone's personal life will no longer be left up to the imagination of Fuller House viewers next season — there will, in fact, be a Mrs. Gladstone. And four kids!

According to TVLine, Dave Coulier's character, who was single through most of origin series Full House, will bring his family to San Francisco for Fuller House Season 2's Thanksgiving episode. Joey's wife, Ginger, is an "enthusiastic, upbeat, fun-loving magician" who's "a little clueless in the parenting department."

The Fuller House team originally planned to introduce her in Season 1, she didn't quite fit at the get-go.

"It didn’t make it into the script, but at one point, we had him with a wife and kids back in Vegas," Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin said.

Executive Producer Bob Boyett added that a 13-episode season can limit the number of story lines writers can address.

"It just didn’t fit anywhere in the stories we developed," he said. "We had Joey — in the stories we were using him — come in for specific reasons. We just haven’t gotten to everything yet."

And Coulier's own love story was pretty recently introduced to the Fuller House cast — in July 2014, Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber and more of the show's stars watched the actor marry photographer Melissa Bring in a rural Montana ceremony. Bure told People Bob Saget was slated to deliver a toast, and warned, "I can only imagine what will come out of his mouth."

Happy to hear Joey's love story will finally get fleshed out on Fuller House? Tell us who you think would be perfect for the role of Ginger.

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