Where's The Beef!- Remember this Wendy's Classic?

Merlin was one of the toys when I was a kid, that I wanted so bad! When Christmas came and it showed up under the tree, it was non-stop from there. I still have mine! Do you?

Everyone knew this song! Every kid in America knew every word. I bet you can still sing to it, go ahead, give it a try! I bet you have not forgotten!

Teddy Ruxpin!!! How I loved Teddy. He would tell us stories, and sing songs. That was one awesome bear for the 80's. Of course kids of today wouldn't get it with all the electronics in today's toys, but back then, Teddy was the BOMB!!

Oh, yes, we were into fashion in the 80's...and so was Leonardo DiCaprio!! Check out his vintage diddy I found!

There was so much to love about the 80's and Television. Cool Toys, Yummy Food, and the clothes we thought were so cool. Hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane, as much as I did finding them for you!