Cupcakke's kicking off the new year with one particularly sweet announcement — she's dropping a brand new album at the top of 2018.

The Chicago-schooled rapper, who released her second full-length album Queen Elizabitch in March, shared the full track list to its follow-up on Twitter Wednesday night (December 27). Cupcakke had previously announced Ephorize's January 5 release date in a December 20 tweet.

And fans immediately responded with their excitement, particularly over the album artwork and track names. "DUCK DUCK GOOSE!!! KINDERGARTEN IS SHOOK," one follower tweeted, while another noted "My wig literally just took a one way flight to mars."

While 2018 looks to be a big one for Cupcakke, her previous 12 months have been nothing to sneeze at. She appeared on Charli XCX's Number 1 Angel mixtape in March alongside the likes of RAYE and MØ. She also spent August and September performing across the country as part of the Queen Elizabitch Tour

Earlier this month, Cupcakke explained to Teen Vogue why her songs may appear to be so sex-heavy — she says it's simply a part of life, and deserves creative exploration the same way the topic of love does.

"I write about sex because it’s a part of me as a human being," she said. "We write love songs because love is a part of our lives. So yeah, five songs on my album may be about sex, but they’re just about what I — and probably everyone above the age of 18 — goes through."

Check out the full Ephorize track list below.

1. 2 Minutes
2. Cartoons
3. Duck Duck Goose
4. Wisdom Teeth
5. Crayons
6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
7. Exit
8. Self Interview
9. Navel
10. Spoiled Milk Titties
11. Total
12. Post Pic
13. Meet & Greet
14. Single While Taken
15. Fullest

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