I will preface by saying this ranking for Colorado State University is made all the better that it's above where the University of Colorado Boulder ranks. And to all my fellow CSU alumni, beating CU in anything always feels so good.

In all seriousness, CSU tends to rank high on several top university lists because, all around, it's a fantastic school. It's even been voted in the top 10 coolest, so take from that what you may.

There are several reasons I chose CSU for my four-year, turned four-and-a-half years, college experience. According to Wallet Hub, I was not off on my assessment of the university.

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Overall, cost, safety, and success were the biggest factors for CSU's high ranking in the Wallet Hub study and findings. It came in as the second best school in the state, behind only to the University of Denver.

It came in at a high ranking for safety in terms of on-campus crime, graduation rate, admission rate, and net cost. Meaning, you can get an incredible education for less than several other universities in the state, have a better chance of getting in, and know that you have a high success rate to look forward to contributing to come post-graduation.

There's a reason Colorado State is sourced for groundbreaking research, why our veterinary teaching hospital is one of the most competitive in the country, and why we have so many professors, coaches, and administrators who have an incredible legacy tied to their names.

There's a reason Colorado State sees an increase in first-years and accolades every year, and that is by no accident.

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