Some crocodile and turtle fossils found in Colorado could be 60 million years old. The fossils near Walden show us how different Colorado's landscape used to be.

Colorado used to look a whole lot different than how it looks now. There used to be tropical swamps in Colorado and some new fossils that were found show evidence of this.

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Fossils have been found near Walden, Colorado and they are believed to be the fossils of turtles and a crocodile. There are also fish and plant fossils as well. Palentotoigist believes that the crocodile's bones, teeth, and scales they found from 50 to 60 million years ago, according to CBS4.

The area in Walden that used to be a tropical swamp now looks like a dry field on a bluff. According to CBS4, Dr. Paul C Murphy stated that the scales they are finding during the exvacation resembles the scales that you find on present-day crocodiles.

These bones were found while doing a routine site inspection before oil and natural gas development started, according to CBS4. Once the bones are unearthed, they'll be sent to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for further research.

Present-day crocodiles and turtles are cool as it is, and finding ones from 50 to 60 millions years ago have to be even cooler. Thankfully paleontologists are able to excavate the fossils before the development begins. We're interested to see what scientists learn from these fossils and what it will teach us about Colorado's past.

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