Colorado is home to numerous conventions and expos for enthusiasts of things like comic books, gardening, and even dressing up like a stuffed animal. However, as far as conventions in Colorado go, we've probably just found the creepiest.

Keep scrolling to learn about, and take a virtual tour of what could quite possibly be the creepiest convention you'll find in the state of Colorado, the Denver Oddities and Curiosities Expo.

Is This the Creepiest Convention in Colorado?

Short answer: yeah, probably.

The Denver Oddities and Curiosities Expo has been taking over the Mile High City for numerous years now, and will once again take over the Colorado Convention Center this coming Saturday, October 7th.

At these conventions, you'll find all kinds of wacky art, real-life skulls and bones, and plenty of taxidermy. In fact, it would be difficult to attend one of these conventions and not see some rather unorthodox taxidermized animals.

However, there's no doubt that there's nothing like the Oddities and Curiosities Expo, and if taxidermy is your thing, you can even purchase an additional ticket to an on-site taxidermy class.

If you've ever dreamed of decorating your home like the Addams Family, this event is for you. However, as you'll see below, much of the stuff at the expo isn't exactly cheap.

In any case, keep scrolling to check out plenty of highlights from last year's Denver Oddities and Curiosities Expo:

Is this the Creepiest Convention You’ll Find in Colorado?

Take a virtual tour of the Denver Oddities and Curiosities Expo, quite possibly the creepiest convention you’ll find in Colorado.

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