Our economy is improving, but it seems that wages are not really moving up. Do you make enough to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Colorado?

Can you believe it would take an hourly wage of $19.89 to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Colorado? That seems like a lot seeing wages haven't improved all too much.

Nearly 30 percent of Americans earn minimum wage, and we know this isn't close to what it costs to afford a place to live.

Arkansas being the lowest state at $12.95 (except Puerto Rico at $10.53, but we won't count them) seems reasonable, although their minimum wage is $7.50 -- you'd need to work 69 hours a week just to afford a place.

Think living in Hawaii would be paradise? It would take an hourly wage of 31.61 to afford your abode. Looking at their minimum wage, $7.75, that's a 163-hour work week -- hopefully you love your job.