This Colorado deer is different from the rest, and I'm sure you can easily see why. Check out this deer because it's the coolest deer I have ever seen.

I was astounded at the beauty of an albino deer recently spotted in Canon City. It's amazing to watch this little albino stunner hanging out with his family (which you can see here) but this deer is unlike any other.

I've seen albino deer and melanistic deer, but I have never seen anything like this before. This deer is completely fine health-wise, it just has a  'minor genetic anomaly.' The condition is called leucistic or commonly known as 'piebald.'

I've never heard the world piebald or seen a piebald anything before. This Colorado deer looks as if it was dipped in white paint or snow. It's a very interesting coat, it almost looks as if its merle to me.

I hope to continue to see this deer and Canon City's albino deer roaming freely and not mounted on someone's wall.

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