Falling snow certainly is lovely. We need it and we want it - but not yet.

This brief video from our friends at Loveland Ski Area reminds us that winter is on the way ready or not. Sure, we have an entire fall to get through, but everyone knows the snow season in Colorado's high country has begun.

We are all anxious to find out what kind of winter it's going to be in the mile high state, considering how extremely hot and dry the summer has been. Is the dry period going to continue? Will we see unusually warm temperatures throughout the winter months? Could it be time for another western Colorado inversion?

Obviously, the entire state of Colorado needs a wet winter. We need lots of moisture and the sooner the better. I fully understand that, and I promise when it happens I won't be one to complain. I just don't want it right now. I'm ready to enjoy the typical pleasant western Colorado fall weather.

At this moment, I am perfectly content to watch a video of Colorado snowfall that is happening in the high country. It's a process of preparing myself mentally for the real thing, which will be happening in the Grand Valley before you know it. I'm no weather guru but I believe Colorado is going to have a wonderful snow-filled winter this year and make up for last year's dismal ski season.

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