It's been quite a summer for Colorado's famous Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs. The popular spot is known for an influencer scandal or two, but more so for its stunning blue-green water. After recent mudslides, however, the future of Hanging Lake seemed uncertain. Now, it's looking more clear ⁠— literally.

Last year, during one of Colorado's worst wildfire seasons ever, Hanging Lake was surprisingly unscathed by the Grizzly Creek Fire. However, the flash floods and mudslides that happened this summer as a result of the fire damage did not spare the lake.

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Igor Oliyarnik, Unsplash
Hanging Lake in 2018 - Igor Oliyarnik, Unsplash

Currently, the hiking area is closed because of damage, and a few weeks ago we saw photos of Hanging Lake looking murky and brown. Some feared that the lake would be altered forever by the mudslide runoff, but experts said not to jump to that conclusion just yet, as seen in the tweet below.

Experts assured that in time, the lake's delicate ecosystem, which is responsible for its clear green water, would be restored naturally. 'Time' may only have been a matter of weeks, it turns out. Though the public still can't access the lake, news outlets have shown us what Hanging Lake looks like now, and it appears to have its coloration back.

The video from Glenwood Springs Post Independent shows that while there's still extensive flash flood damage in the area and on the trail, Hanging Lake is starting to look like it used to.

Denver7 also visited, giving viewers a promising look at the area. The water is still a little bit cloudy, but it's "already an improvement" from how it looked on August 1.

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