There's no question that the seating at Ball Arena (formerly Pepsi Center) can get cramped, to say the least. They've made some changes that don't help that.

With the Nuggets and Avalanche back in action at Ball Arena, not only are fans dealing with COVID-19 protocols, but they're also having to deal with trying to enjoy their seats.

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Steve Staeger from 9News was at an Avs game recently and commented on how the seats are more cramped now because they've moved the cupholders up into/onto the armrests:

When you spend $12 or more for a refreshing beer to help enjoy watching an event with, the last thing you want is for A) to spill any of that beer and B) to lose seating room because of that beer. But it seems that the case with the arena moving the cupholders up to elbow level.

And it seems that many are feeling Steve's pain, judging by the comments:

Ball Arena's Cupholder/Seat Problem: Fan Comments

Steve Staeger from 9News was at an Avalanche game recently and commented on the how the seats at Ball Arena are more cramped now, because they've moved the cupholders up into/onto the armrests. Fans agree:

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