While the influx of people moving into Colorado has supposedly gone down a bit over the past several months, there are still a lot of people moving into our state from different parts of the country.

While there are a few ways to spot a transplant, one of the easiest ways is to listen to them speak. There are certain words in a Coloradan's vocabulary that you simply won't hear someone who has recently moved here say.

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Heck, I've been here for about 2 years and there are still a few of these that I haven't used or wasn't aware of until now. This state is truly unique and in my humble opinion, it's what makes Colorado such a fantastic and fun place.

If you moved to Colorado during the pandemic, like we did, picking up local lingo trends may not have been a priority. However now, as things start to open up pretty much full go, I'm going to be shoring up my game to fit in with the true Coloradans.

Here is a list of helpful verbiage that is certain to make even the heartiest of true blue Coloradans believe you've earned your badge of honor of “native” status and for the proud people who have been born and raised here and seen so much change over the years with the influx of us "damn transplants", it's the least we can do to fit in.

After all, I'm thankful to be able to call Colorado home.

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