A Colorado woman caused a scene inside a Lakeside liquor store on Wednesday (July 15) when she refused to wear a mask.

According to Fox 31 Denver, the incident occurred when Ruby Musso entered Molly's Spirits to buy beer with her mother, sans mask.

In a video of the incident posted to Facebook by Musso, the manager of the store is seen asking her to leave, telling her that she is trespassing.

When Musso refuses to leave, other customers begin making obscene hand gestures at her, with one woman ramming her cart into Musso and yelling at her to "leave this f****** store."

Musso appears to stay in the shop for around five more minutes, calling the store's employees "Nazis in Nazi America."

Musso's Video (warning: contains explicit language)

Musso later told Fox 31 Denver that she cannot wear a mask because she has a medical condition in which wearing a mask causes her severe anxiety and panic.

The store's owner Rufus Nagel also spoke to the station, stating that Musso was causing an "out of control" scene in his store, which is now reportedly receiving threatening phone calls.

Just a few days after the incident, Governor Jared Polis implemented a mandatory mask mandate for the state of Colorado on Friday (June 17).

Musso seemingly responded to the mandate on Facebook, stating that Polis "needs to be charged with hate crimes."

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