The Winter Olympics in Beijing will be getting underway very soon. The Opening Ceremonies take place Feb. 4. While we will all be cheering for Team USA to do its thing and bring home the gold, there are several athletes that we'll really be pulling for that will be representing our great state of Colorado.

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More than 30 athletes from Colorado will be putting their hard work and skills on display for the world to see in this year's Winter Olympics in various sports from figure skating to hockey to snowboarding and everything in between.

We are so proud of all of our athletes and in awe at just how hard it is and how much work, discipline and effort go into becoming an Olympic athlete. It's so cool to not just see where these athletes are from but to hear about some of their backstories, trials, and tribulations of just how hard they've worked and just how long it takes to train and fulfill that dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.

To me, that just makes watching the Olympics that much better so, congratulations to all who have made it.

Let's meet the Coloradans who will participate in this year's Winter Olympics.

While some of the featured athletes may be currently training or temporarily living out of state, all of them have submitted Colorado towns and cities as their recognized hometown or birthplace, or train in Colorado long term but have a permanent home elsewhere.

Meet The Colorado Athletes Performing In This Year's Winter Olympics

There is no shortage of Colorado representation in the 2022 Winter Olympics, let's meet some of the Olympians with Colorado connections.

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