It can be such a huge relief after getting pulled over by Colorado law enforcement and only being issued a warning. However, a Colorado teen might have seriously just messed things up for the rest of us.

According to a press release from Jefferson County, a social media video that quickly went viral inaccurately told the tale of an 18-year-old girl flirting with a deputy to get out of a DUI ticket.

Drinking and Driving in Colorado is Not A Joke

First off, drinking and driving is never a joke. Lives are at stake, and if you decide to drink, do not get behind the wheel.

According to Colorado law:

If at the time of the commission of an alleged offense, or within a reasonable time thereafter, a defendant's BAC exceeds 0.05 but is less than 0.08, there is a permissible inference that the defendant's ability to operate a vehicle was impaired by the consumption of alcohol. If the defendant's BAC is 0.08 or more, there is a permissible inference that the defendant was under the influence of alcohol.

There are stiff penalties for drinking and driving such as the suspension of your driver's license and misdemeanor to felony criminal charges.

Colorado Teen Claims Fake DUI

The 18-year-old  was initally pulled over for weaving, but claims to have blown a 3.8 on a breathalyzer, and yet only received a warning from the Colorado Deputy.

The fame-hungry teen explains that she began fake crying about a recent break-up, and that the Deputy flirted with her. She even goes as far as to say that the Deputy asked her on a lunch date and gave her his phone number.

Most of us are aware that blowing a 3.8 means you would be comatose or dead, so we have to assume she meant to write .38. However, this fact only proves that the teen was very much lying.

What Really Happened During this Jefferson County Incident

Of course, the public was outraged at the possibility than an officer abused his power to score a date, and the video quickly went viral.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's office caught wind of the blowback and quickly released the full bodycam footage from the Deputy in question, Deputy Tyler Stahl.

There was actually no DUI tests given to the teen because the deputy did not find any indication that the girl was intoxicated.

The Colorado Deputy Is Relieved, But Still Disappointed

Of course, like most teenagers, this girl failed to see the full weight of her actions. The teen has since admitted that she did lie about blowing a 3.8 and the flirty police officer, however she does claim that she was in fact intoxicated when she was pulled over.

Deputy Tyler Stahl has also spoken out about the incident stating:

I’m extremely disappointed. I expect better. It was selfish, but I’m not mad at her. Just disappointed. It’s kind of frustrating. My goal with every single encounter is to be professional with everybody, courteous. I’m out there to educate and enforce, to make sure people are safer, and if I can teach people one thing on each traffic stop, then I’m doing my job. I still to this day, regardless of what she was saying, do not believe she was impaired or drinking and driving.

The teenager is currently not facing charges. Let's hope her 15 minutes worth of fame was worth it.

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