An 82-year-old Colorado veteran has spent the past year making this touching Christmas display at his house. The display honors fallen soldiers who aren't here to celebrate the holidays with us.

Instead of putting up a Santa Claus decoration, this year Ron Bates decided to do something different -- with some help from his grandkids. He has dedicated his Christmas display to the brave soldiers we've lost and the people who protect us every single day.

Ron's Christmas display at his home in Aurora honors soldiers, paramedics, police officers, and firefighters. Ron stated that:

Everyone that's lived in the U.S. knows someone that's represented here in my yard.

The display has an American flag, lots of red white and blue, tombstones, a Purple Heart and more. Rob said he even planted the Christmas trees for this display.

He says while this display is up, he'd like people to pause and think about the people who aren't here to celebrate the holidays. According to 9 News, Ron says to 'come by and please, say thanks.'

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