By now, you've undoubtedly heard about, if not seen in person, the huge wooden troll that sits up in the mountains above Breckenridge, Colorado.

Now, the same artist that made the first troll, known as Isak Heartstone, has created another troll to be placed in another Colorado town. Keep scrolling to learn about, and see photos of Rita the Rock Planter, Colorado's newest troll.

Colorado's Newest Troll: Rita the Rock Planter

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When Isak Heartstone's creator, Thomas Dambo, was asked to build another large wooden troll, not only did he oblige but he gave his creation its own origin story.

According to Dambo, Rita took a nap back in the early 1800s and slept for a couple of centuries before waking up in the nearly-abandoned historic mining town of Victor, Colorado.

Rita immediately noticed all of the mining that had taken place and left holes throughout the countryside and decided to fill them in with rocks so no human nor beast would injure themselves.

While Rita the Rock Planter's mythical backstory is adorable, Dambo's own mission in creating his art is perhaps even more heartwarming.

The artist told CBS Colorado:

We are emptying the natural resources of our world and then we are turning them into landfills. We’re filling the oceans and the air and the earth with trash.

He also went on to question how the planet will look if we continue to be wasteful after 200 years.

Rita the Rock Planter was completed in only eight days by Dambo and upwards of 50 volunteers using recycled wood, mostly from old pallets.

Now that you know Rita and Thomas Dambo's stories, take a look at Colorado's newest huge wooden troll, Rita the Rock Planter:

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