The local operators of this Colorado store have customers talking about and posting pictures of a new sign they hung in one of their aisles. Is it warranted, or over the top?

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Colorado Store Posts Rude Sign That Has Some Customers Upset

Some people, like my wife, absolutely love to shop. They love going to the store, buying stuff, and spending money. To others, it's an absolute chore. I know when my son and I have to go to the store, we typically sneak away and hit the toy section, or sporting goods aisle.

Just recently we went to one of the big box stores and had a little baseball practice. We played catch and lightly hit some balls, was a good time. Last week we practiced kicking the soccer ball up and down a dead aisle. Mind you, we weren't booting the ball super hard, or swinging for the fences, it was just some light fun to pass the time while mom shopped. We always clean up any messes we make in the process, but that isn't the case for everyone, and this local store management has apparently had enough.

About a week ago, my wife sent me a Facebook post with folks all in a tizzy about a sign that was up at the local Dollar General in Firestone. She was curious to see it for herself, so she popped over looking for something to cheer our little guy up because he was super sick. When she went to the toy aisle, she saw that same sign that basically said the store's toy section is not a daycare, and you cannot leave your kids alone at any point. I get it, I've seen some crazy out of control kids running wild up and down the aisles like Hulkamania, but the way the sign was written is rubbing people the wrong way. See the pic below.

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

Does it read super rude and aggressive to you? The basic feedback on the post in a local mom's Facebook group was that there are ways to get your point across without the tone that this particular message exhibits. Are we just getting too soft, or is this message a little aggressive to hang in the children's section?

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