It's always nice to stumble upon a feel-good story, and a story of this nature hits especially close to home when it's local.

A Colorado-based division of the Salvation Army is partially responsible for this next feel-good story in their annual effort to give teens and young adults with special needs across the state an unforgettable summer camp experience.

Colorado Has a Heartwarming Camp Experience for Special Needs Teens

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One thing that many thrift stores have in common is the way they give back to the community. You're most likely familiar with the Salvation Army's numerous stores, but did you know that a branch of the thrift chain hosts a summer camp here in Colorado for teens and young adults with special needs?

The program is put on by The Salvation Army Intermountain Division and takes place each summer at the High Peak Camp just south of Estes Park, Colorado.

The camp offers countless fun activities for teens and young adults with special needs all over the state of Colorado which include, but are not limited to sports like basketball, volleyball, and archery.

High Peak Camp also has an impressive obstacle course and a zipline, which serve as catalysts for heartwarming stories of these individuals conquering their fears.

In addition, the Salvation Army offers jobs to individuals with special needs, and some of the campers that attended the camp spoke about having goals of being hired by the organization after camp concluded.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the fun that took place at this year's camp:

Colorado Has a Heartwarming Camp Program for Special Needs Teens

The Salvation Army puts on a free camp experience in Estes Park, Colorado each year for teens with special needs.

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