Guys have it so easy when it comes to relieving themselves outside, but thanks to one Colorado company, ladies can now do the same!

SheFly is a Colorado-based company that is women-owned and operated, and creates outdoor apparel that allows women to answer the call of nature easily.

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Regular Pants Pose A Problem For Women Outdoors

Everyone knows that women are strong, independent, go-getters! Women love exploring the great outdoors just as much as men do, but unfortunately, there are a few things that can get in the way of a woman's exploration.

One of the biggest hindrances for women when it comes to hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities is finding a way to easily and comfortably relieve themselves.

Guys can simply unzip and go, but things aren't quite as simple for women.

“The problem is not our anatomy; the problem is our pants.” – Georgia Grace Edwards, Co-Founder

SheFly Creates A Solution For Women

That's where SheFly steps in with their innovative solution for women who need to "go". SheFly created, "pants with a discreet zipper design that allows women to relieve themselves outside without exposing skin to the elements or other people."


In addition to the ordinary zipper that allows you to take your pants on and off, there is a second zipper located directly below the first. The second zipper extends from the front all the way to the back so that women can easily unzip as much as they need to in order to handle their business. The zipper is discreet and is covered with a flap that fits in right with the design.

SheFly is Completely Changing the Game for Women

Some might not understand what the big deal is, but plenty of women do!

Charlotte Massey, Co-Founder explains the reason why these pants are such a big game-changer:

Peeing outside might not seem like an important issue, but when you’re rock climbing or mountaineering and need to be roped in, removing a harness to pee can be dangerous.

My friend almost got stranded hundreds of feet up a cliff while we were climbing in Squamish, BC because she removed her harness to relieve herself. Her partner started pulling the rope up before she could get her harness back on and she barely grabbed it in time.

Women who enjoy the outdoors no longer need to strip their pants off during big mountain climbs and long hikes, making it safer and easier than ever to "pee wild"!

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