Goodbye, Monday. Hello, Tuesday.

According to District 27J based in Brighton, Colorado has decided to drop Monday's.

The school district believes by moving to a four day week they will save money along with providing an opportunity for the teaching staff to give their students the most effective education possible.

Getting the best quality out of the teachers by them taking Monday's off is most important.

The district stated that they cannot continue to do more for less with the financial resources they currently have.

District 27J's Superintendent Chris Fiedler said, "they hope to save around a million dollars in three key areas."

Those areas are the school buses not running on the days they are off saving an estimated $700,00, not as many substitute teachers they believe will save a couple hundred thousand, and then, of course, utility cost will be a huge factor.

Although this may help the district, will it help the families pocketbook? Parents that have to pay for childcare to help on Monday's.

Fiedler said, "I haven't had teachers say this is a horrible idea."

Well, if I were a teacher I wouldn't be complaining that's for sure.

I doubt any kids have said it's a horrible idea either.

Parents? What do you think?

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