Foxes are adorable. Sure, they can be a royal pain in the "you know what" for many people and their pets but there's no denying their extremely high level of cuteness.

Recently, a fox was spotted in the middle of a populated Denver neighborhood and while that's not entirely uncommon, the color of this fox was, because it was a black fox.

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Now, here comes the confusing part. The fox, even though to the eye looks black, it's not, it's actually red. No, it's not one of those viral memes asking you what color the dress actually is, this is the actual truth, at least according to the "fox experts".


Confusing right? It sure looks black but apparently, it's a red fox.

Jason Clay, who is with Colorado Parks and Wildlife had this to say about it: “Melanistic foxes, what you see there in the solid black one you got pictures of, are lacking the silver tips. Melanism is controlled by genetics. They are uncommon, but not rare,”

Learn something new every day right? So while none of these were the foxes spotted in the neighborhood, I just wanted to quickly share this in my newly designated "Fox Friday" segment.

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