A few popular fishing spots in western Colorado just became more exciting for fishermen with the addition of some bigger trout.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife wanted fishermen to have a chance at bigger bites and bigger fights so they stocked a few popular fishing spots with hundreds of lunkers.

Before I tell you where to find the big fish, remember to make sure your fishing license is current before heading out for the 'big one that got away.' By the way, that may actually be a true statement as the cutthroat trout average about 17 inches.

One more thing, most of the places where the fish were released are great places for kids to fish. Be a decent human being and take some kids to fish with you. Yours or someone else's, (with permission of course), it doesn't matter. The joy of watching and helping a youngster land a big trout is far better than catching one yourself at these spots.

With that said, here are the places where Colorado Parks and Wildlife stocked those lunkers. First, Confluence Lake in Delta where about 350 of the fish were released.

Next, Pericles and Shavano Ponds. I'm very familiar with these because they are below the dam at Ridgway State Park's Pa-Co-Chu-Puk area where I have spent numerous days camping. My kids plus any others that were along for the trip love those ponds. The water is generally clear so kids can see the fish.

Finally, for those who love to river fish, the Uncompahgre River tailwater at Ridgway State Park has also been stocked. Between the ponds and the river, about 700 fish have been released. Keep in mind, certain areas of the river are catch and release with artificial flies and lures only. So, check the regulations before taking home more than a photo or video of your catch.

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