According to WalletHub, Colorado fell to the second skinniest state in the country last year. But, I mean, if Hawaii weren't a state, we'd still be first. Colorado held the "skinniest" title 6 years in a row (until 2015). I for one, feel relieved.

This fact always comes as a comfort to me as I'm trying to zip my jeans while laying on my bed kicking my legs to get them to hopefully shake themselves in. Think dying cockroach, but with more despair. I know it's the dryer. If I could manage to never wash my pants, they would probably always fit, but then we'd have a different problem, wouldn't we?

It makes you ask yourself a few questions. Is it because the air is thinner here? Are people more active because there's more sunshine?

Why have my hips not received this memo?

As a 31-year-old resident woman of Colorado who is average to thick, I feel a weight has been lifted. I mean, god no, not actual weight lifting but I feel relieved. See, I didn't feel I was aiding the statistics. We still "placed," and the silver is great! Good job, us!

I've lived in Grand Junction, Ft. Collins and Denver and I feel the pain. I look around and think, "These women aren't wearing yoga pants because their jeans don't fit. They're like, actually exercising."

I love a hike as much as the next person. Healthy food makes us feel better, of course. But no longer living in the thinnest state in the country feels better yet. Let's celebrate with a burger and a craft beer!