It's the time of year when you had better think twice before "jumping the gun" when it comes to something you see or hear. April Fool's Day. Sure, there'll be plenty of laughs at others' expense, and it can be fun; this mountain town's paper in Colorado, got in on the action, early.

The way things are these days, you can see where a newspaper's headline, though a joke, might feel more "real" than an April Fool's joke. This particular one, perhaps hitting its rural mountain community hard.

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Can you remember one, really good, April Fool's Day joke in your life? Maybe someone set the kitchen sink up so that the sprayer would spray you when you turned on the water. Maybe somebody loosened the salt shaker. Maybe someone went and took all the labels off of your cans in the pantry. Those are all pretty good; what do you think of this Colorado mountain town's newspaper's prank?

A member of the Teller County Sheriff's Office recently tweeted about the Cripple Creek newspaper putting out its yearly "joke" edition. The paper, normally the Mountain Jackpot, puts out The Mountain "Crackpot" for the April Fool's Day time of year. This year's front page depicted that the "law" would be coming for everyone's guns.  The deputy was quick to respond:

Teller County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone the current issue of the Mountain Jackpot is the April Fool’s Crackpot edition. Remember information is false and has no validity. Do not call the Sheriff’s Office to file a complaint or request further information.

The paper does look "legit" enough, even though it does say, "Crackpot" instead of "Jackpot:"

Cripple-Creek-Colorado-News-April-Fool's-Day (1)

I wonder what Page 4 has on it.  "April Fool's!" maybe?

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